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May 10, 2011 / Scotty M

Analysis: QB Situation

Former Broncos Head Coach Josh McDaniels already was under a lot of scrutiny after starting 6-0 and finishing 8-8 in his first year (2009), and he got himself under even more by drafted Quarterback project Tim Tebow. He was projected to go in the second- or third-round, and the Broncos traded up to get him in the first round. Tebow won the Heisman while he was playing for the University of Florida Gators, but played in an extreme spread offense. Tebow took snaps 99.9% of the time in shotgun, so he would have to adjust to the pro game immensely. Not-to-mention his throwing motion needed work. On top of that, they had QB Kyle Orton who had a good year in 2009. In the middle of the Broncos’ awful 2010 campaign, McDaniels was fired and Tebow remained a Bronco.

And before that draft, McDaniels traded fan-favorite RB Peyton Hillis to the Cleveland Browns along with a sixth-round pick and a conditional pick for QB Brady Quinn. Quinn was supposed to compete with Orton and bring him to the next level, but Tebow passed Quinn on the depth chart and Quinn never played in one regular season game. Hillis has done incredibly with the Browns and is on the cover of the next Madden game.

Tebow now is the fan-favorite, though, and new VP of Football Operations and Former Broncos Hall-of-Fame QB John Elway and new Head Coach John Fox are big fans of Tebow, but still say that Orton is the starter. Orton was productive in 2010 and deserves the right to start, but Tebow deserves to at least compete. Tebow’s now a fan-favorite, Orton has the most experience and is the most pro-style, and the Broncos gave up an awful lot for Quinn. So the Broncos’s front office has a hard decision to make.

Tebow is a more modern style QB because he is huge and runs like a RB. Orton doesn’t have the biggest arm but is accurate for the most part. It’s unlikely that Quinn will start.

Orton has the biggest chance of started the next season, then Tebow, then Quinn. Remember, McDaniels acquired all three of these QB’s in his scheme; not Fox. We don’t know if Fox wants to move on with these Quarterbacks in the future. But with the Lockout in play now, teams can’t make any transactions with players. So if the season started today, it would be Orton. And in the next season, it likely will be Orton.