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May 11, 2011 / Scotty M

Opinion: The Kolb Market

One Eagle Quarterback posted phenomenal numbers. Two other Eagle QB’s sat on the sideline holding a clipboard for most of the time.

Mike Vick’s stats that were off the charts, when Kevin Kolb started the season but got hurt. Vick came in for Kolb, starred, and earned the starting role, so Kolb served as a second-stringer for the rest of the 2010 season. Mike Kafka, the Eagles’ third-stringer, didn’t produce any numbers beside zero. But Kafka didn’t get a chance, much less even play, so we don’t know his potential.

We do know Vick’s and Kolb’s capabilities, though, and they can both be starters in this league. And if they’re both on the same roster, one of them can’t start. Not-to-mention the fact that plenty of NFL teams need a starter. So one will have to go.

And it probably won’t be Vick.

Nor Kafka.

The odd man out is Kolb, who the Eagles could get great value for. The Eagles could get a first-round pick or two second-rounders for the QB. Kolb doesn’t have the athleticism that Vick possesses, but he can still play at a high level.

The Arizona Cardinals have been reportedly interested in Kolb. They are extremely thin at the QB position. Not in quantity, but quality. Their best bet is one-year-wonder Quarterback Derek Anderson. The Cardinals have tools around him for success with WR Larry Fitzgerald, RB Beanie Wells, RB Tim Hightower, and newly-drafted RB Ryan Williams.

Arizona would be the spot for Kolb because he has all of those targets.

There are other teams interested, but the Cards are the definite frontrunner. The Eagles might want to keep him, though, because Vick is a running QB who is more at risk of injury than most others. Despite that, the Eagles likely will deal him to another team to get a quality player(s) or a quality pick(s).


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