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May 10, 2011 / Scotty M

News: 15 Players At Broncos’ Player-Led Workout

Fifteen Broncos’ Players participated in a player-organized workout today. With the Lockout currently in play, the players cannot talk to coaches and front office workers and can’t use their team’s facilities. Among the players in the workout were QB Kyle Orton, S Brian Dawkins, and DT Kevin Vickerson. Orton showed up early to throw passes to new second-year WR Eric Decker. Dawkins organized the workout by sending out an email and/or text message to the players. Dawkins said this wasn’t mandatory by any means. Tim Tebow was not with the group today, but he has been working really hard seven days a week, so everything’s all right.

There have been other player-organized workouts such as “Jets West,” the Jets’ player camp in California and the Saints’ camp right in Louisiana. It’s not just a good way to stay in shape, but it’s also a good way to stay in contact with the players.

There will another session on Thursday and maybe even more players will come.

Dawkins’ leadership was evident by organizing this. Dawkins has been known for his leadership and his pregame speeches and pep talks. By doing this, the Safety positively represented the team and overall the workout was a success.


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